Money Moves Monday feat “The Financial Guy” mr_urquhart

"The Financial Guy" also known as Brandon Urquhart is someone you want to know in regards to talking big dollar bills, smart investments and creating generational wealth for you and your family for year's to come. Urquhart has experienced many setbacks throughout his young life but he is featured today for his resilience, quick-witted business maneuvers, and willingness to help others as this week's Money Moves Money creative.

Money Moves Monday Feat. Glam Nails by Jeanell

Today's nail technicians are taking the art of beauty to another level by providing quality customer care and professional knowledge to everyone who sits in their chair. From someone who has been disappointed countless times by my local salon shop, it is refreshing to see those newly acquired artists such as the one featured today is taking the time out to perfect the craft of nail art. 

Money Moves Monday Feat. Shan_Jas

In hopes of generating the element of surprise along with inspirational content, I've decided to create a series of material that will showcase some of the talented people who have been thrown into my life and made me look at life through a different lens. Now some of the "creatives" as I like to call... Continue Reading →

Lessons I Learned in October

It has definitely been a while since my last post. The thing about me and writing is that certain words or phrases have to "hit me" in order to produce content. I don't sit behind my laptop and research witty or inspirational topics to discuss instead, I live life, encounter different experiences and have that "ah... Continue Reading →

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