Dear Past Me

Dear Past Me,

I’m sorry for all the bull sh*t I put you through…

All the worrying about things that were out of your control, the self-doubt and uncertainty, You weren’t strong back then. You didn’t know all of the things you know now. See sometimes you do this thing where you tend to overthink things and situations that have not occurred yet. Like what type of job you’ll have, or where you’ll end up 3 years right now, physiologically tormenting yourself because of your fear of not being in control. You don’t have to worry as much now.

Dear Past Me,

It’s okay to let go of past hurts. Sometimes you’ll meet people that do not have the same heart as you in the future, the same compassion, the same loyalty, but you cannot resent them because of their lack of love. Those people didn’t understand how great you were, how great you are going to become. Don’t continue to become frustrated of other’s shortcomings, that is their burden to carry not yours.

Dear Past Me,

You are still grieving a great loss that you will never truly recover from, and you will continue to grieve this absence for a very long time. But know that each day hurts a little less and that Tranere would be very proud of the woman that his little sister is shaping out to be.

Amirah with her older brother

Dear Past Me,

Remember when you couldn’t wait to get out of your momma’s house!? Well, girl, that day has come and you are doing a phenomenal job of being on your own! However, stop what you’re doing and call her a little more often, she’d love to hear how things are working out for you. She loves to hear those things. She is your mother after all and the love that she haves for you could never be replaced nor duplicated. You only get one.

Amirah Ebony's mom

Dear Past Me,

Stop forgetting to put yourself first for a change. It may seem selfish at first and you do tend to have selfish tendencies but do not replace that by being a doormat for other people’s dilemmas. Taking a “time out” and getting back to yourself is completely normal, you can go back to helping others tomorrow.

Dear Past Me,

While you were working hard for the past five years to get that degree, God has been moving mountains on your behalf. You may not be close to making six figures as you’d hope, but you’re getting there, one step at a time. Trust the process.

Dear Past Me,

That dark empty feeling that creeps up every few months will subside over time. Please do not get stuck there. You are too full of light to fizzle out over emotional battles. Yes, life is going to be hard sometimes, but it won’t always be this way. You have a lot waiting in store for you. Continue to make the best out of every bad situation. It gets better, trust me on this one!

Dear Past Me,

You’ve learned a lot up until this point, continue to learn as much as you can while you’re here. Even when you don’t understand something asks questions, speak up in the workplace and continue to challenge others thought processes. You know far more than what you lead on. Be confident in your knowledge.

Dear Past Me, 

I’m sorry for all the bull sh*t I put you through…


Sincerely, Future Me.




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