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You live and you learn: So what’s next?

This year has been one of transformation, change, heightened confidence and the pursuit of finding my own happiness, but it's not over quite yet.

Q: With three months being left in this year, what’s the biggest lesson you have learned and one thing you would like to accomplish during the new year?

It’s crazy to say that there are only three months left in the year! I’m sure that we’ve all been through a lot thus far but I can honestly say that for me, the past ten months have been the best since coming into adulthood. It has been one full year since I graduated college, I had the pleasure of becoming an aunt/godmother for the first time, and I finally accepted my way with words and decided to start my very first blog!

This year has been one of transformation, change, heightened confidence and the pursuit of finding my own happiness, but it’s not over quite yet.

Letting go while moving forward

One of the major lessons for me during 2017 was learning to let go of things that were not in my control. Being a self-proclaimed control freak. I use to take pride in creating a list and checking goals off once accomplished.

The downside to this is the mental agony that one would experience once life decides to throw you a curve ball or two. I began to feel as if I was becoming stagnate or that I was not in control of who I wanted to become when specific goals fell short. By not being in control while harboring ill feelings of self-pity and doubt, I quickly realized that I was not exhibiting my best self.

For me, the process of letting go came at a time where everything in my life began to change. In the beginning, I did not know that this shift would be for the better but it definitely took me a while to gain the easy breezy outlook that I currently have on life. Letting go of my control-freak habits also meant moving forward from toxic relationships and dead-end friendships.

I use to be one of those people who would try to force things to work despite the odds, but we all know how unsuccessful that can be. The truth of the matter is, humans, are flighty creators. It is impossible for us to stay in one complete emotion/feeling for an extended period of time. What we want today may not be what we need five years from now, so why hold on to people or feelings that are forever changing?

That’s why you have to let go and move forward…

What’s next for 2018?

I’m striving for new adventures in 2018. I love traveling and experiencing new things so that’s definitely something that’s high on my list for the new year. I plan on going to at least five new destinations before the new year is out.

My 2018 travel destinations are:

Professionally, I plan on obtaining a certificate of completion for both digital web design and social media marketing before the end of 2018.

I got goals…


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