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Mixing Things Up with DJ Bounce Gawd

Today's money moves Monday creative takes his talents to the spin table while also pursuing a career that will get him noticed. 

We all listen to music through various streams. From Apple music to Soundcloud, new aged artists are creating a lane for themselves to get their music heard. Disk jockeys around the world are creating vibes with house club music, unique mixups, and collaborations from cultural inspirations.

Today’s money moves Monday creative takes his talents to the spin table while also pursuing a career that will get him noticed.

Here’s what he had to say.

  • Tell us your name, where are you from and what do you currently do for a living?

Corey: Wassup my name is Corey Webb also known as DJ Bounce Gawd, I’m from West Philadelphia, and I currently work at Radio One as a promotions Assistant & run my business and brand as a DJ.

  • Are you happy with your current job title, could you do your job for the rest of your life without getting bored? If not, what would you’d rather be doing?

Corey: I just recently got hired here, but I interned for Radio One in the summer and I have to say that I really loved the atmosphere and wanted to come back after graduation in which I graduated this past December.

Gratefully, a position opened up, and I was blessed enough to get the position. I always dreamed to be an on-air mixer on Philly radio, and this is a great place to start. My position is entry level, and I will have to work hard to get where I want to be, but I don’t mind because I know I’ll cherish the end result more after the journey. In regards to my business as a DJ, I love to DJ so it never really feels like work.

  • What’s stopping you?

Corey: Nothing is really stopping me. Everything will come with time!

  • Do you have any children? If yes, how do you balance work and play? If not, how would having children affect your future plans? Do they fit into your idea of success?

Corey: I do not have children right now, but I would like to get my feet wet within the real world before I bring my children into it. I would have to adjust my future plans when I have children because of course they will come second to none, and hopefully by the time they come I can provide for them by doing what I love to do. They definitely fit into my ideal of success. Your kids are a significant mark you leave when your time on earth is up, and when I’m gone I hope they can continue my legacy and strive to serve their purpose to the world. That’s success all in itself.

  • What is one of the first things you do when you wake up in the morning? What is the last?

Corey: The first things I do when I wake up to check my phone, take my vitamins, then proceed to start my day with a nice breakfast and watch “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed”. I prefer waffles, egg whites, and turkey sausage. The last thing I do to end the morning is walk my dog.

  • Who depends on you?

Corey: My customers & the people to deliver and be the best sound selector! More specifically when I DJ it’s my job to take them on a musical journey and ensure that they are satisfied for however long I’m playing for. One of the best parts is seeing a person in the moment of enjoyment while dancing and seeing faces light up through transitions. A feeling that can’t be explained!

  • Whom do you depend on?

Corey: Spiritually speaking I depend on God to show me the ropes and check me when I’m slipping. I’m not super religious, but I do believe that God watches everything and rewards when you deserve it and smack you back into reality when you start trippin’ whether you recognize it or not. But most importantly it’s always a lesson installed in those slip-ups so it’s just up to me to recognize and apply them.

  • What recent creative venture have you taken on? Tell us the concept behind this idea, business, project etc?



Corey: My most recent venture has been my newest mix “MONSTER Reborn”. So I try to put out a mix quarterly throughout the year to always ensure my followers can listen to me on the go, and it also tracks my progression of skill. When I begin to come up with a concept I first think about the music selection and what songs will compliment each other. MONSTER Reborn has mostly new and current Hip Hop with a sprinkle of some old joints. Then I think about what activities I would like this mix to go right with.

So I do a rough draft of the mix and then test it out in those places. For example, I listen to at the GYM and measure how much europhia it gives me during a workout. I listen to small pre-games with friends to see how current it gets them to go out.

One of my favorites is to listen in the car which is one of the best places to consume music in my opinion. After that I take those considerations to the drawing board and record the final cut of the mix which is live throughout the whole time, then I serve it to the world, and I see that as my way of giving back without compensation.

  • What advice would you give to others who may be interested in doing your line of work?

Corey: Embrace the struggle and Don’t give up. It’s rough starting out but it’s something you have to commit to and invest if you want to be a good DJ. In this day of age, people fall in love with the LOOK of being a DJ, but It’s important that you practice the craft of being a great sound selector and build the skill.

If you really want to do this you can’t be afraid to invest either. Equipment comes and go and sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take a hit to ensure more wins in the future. I would also say never be comfortable where you are at, it’s always room for improvement and higher places you can strive to get to. Most importantly Practice on the REGULAR! The more you practice, the more the phone rings for gigs.

  • How would your service or product benefit your customers or people around you?

Corey: I simply provide good sound for various events. It’s important that you adjust to the crowd while doing an event to ensure that the customers and people in the atmosphere are satisfied with what they are hearing.

  • What kinds of problems do you face on a day to day basis in regards to your business/brand? How do you normally handle the problems that come your way?

Corey: Like I mentioned previously, it’s important that you invest because problems can come at any time regarding equipment and I mean ANYTIME. I had speakers blow out at beginnings of parties, cables catch shorts, people get aggressive during events. In this field of work, you have to roll with the punches and always remain professional. As we depend on technology and sound sometimes things don’t go as planned, and things that get taken out of our hands, but it’s important to resolve the problem with the quickest solution though.

  • What practices or routines do you do on a daily basis to keep you up in spirits?

Corey: Aside from practicing. I like to play videos games while listening to music from my high school days. It keeps my mind and reflexes sharp and still gives me that slight joy of being a kid.

Where do you see yourself/family in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years?

Corey: I hope to own a performing arts and entertainment company. I really want to provide a platform for people who share the same or similar goals and aspirations and give them an opportunity to display what they love doing. I always dreamed of touring the world and putting my talent on display.

Maybe tour with an artist and eventually Tour doing my own act. I know it might take a while to accomplish, but I’ll do what it takes to get there. So in those coming years, I see myself on the radio, touring the world, schooling my kids on how to finesse in these streets, and just enjoying the blessings that come for my family and friends.

  • Any advice you would give your younger self?

Corey: The advice I would give my younger self is to believe in yourself. It’s important that you remind yourself of that day because you have to believe in yourself before anyone else does. Once people see that you do, they will support and follow you off the strength.

  • Where can we find you on social media? What sites are you most active on?

Corey: Hit me up on the Instagram and Twitter. Also, you can find me on Mixcloud and Soundcloud as Tha Bounce Gawd. I’m most active on the gram and twitter so yeah check out my mixes and hit me up and let know what you think! I appreciate all feedback. You can also check my personal website out at here

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