5 Things Not to do on Valentine’s Day

With V-day right around the corner, many couples and some singles are coming up with ways to spend the holiday. Personally, I believe that this day was created to yet again suck consumers pockets dry and to invade the world with wonderful, magnetic, creative people who fall under the Scorpio sign, but nonetheless, we will continue to carry on as if this day is a true symbolic showcase of endless love.

From booking solo spa treatments on Groupon to getting carried away with heartfelt Hallmark cards, sometimes we can feel pressured to make valentine’s day this grand gesture of love when it does not have to be.

A little advice from the wise, do not go broke trying to show someone how much your heart beats for them, they should already know your intentions from day one, but if you are going to celebrate St. Valentines Day, here are five cliché things to stay away from.

Buy flowers

I am a sucker for pink peonies but now is not the time to go out and buy your partner a boutique of their favorite roses. For one, prices rise due to the increase of bud production, second, after a few days they begin to die and third if your s/o has a pollen allergy that you forgot all about you don’t want to rekindle her sinuses to the smell.

Have sex

Unless you plan on having sex with someone other than your lover, particularly having sex on valentine’s day is not spontaneous nor exciting if being intimate is already apart of the daily routine. However, if bumping and grinding are on the agenda for the 14th, here are a few ideas to get the sparks blazing.

Propose marriage

Getting swept up in the emotional realm of things can be bittersweet, but in the end, popping the question on this day of love could potentially backfire. Yes, asking your partner to marry you is great and all that jazz, but do you really want to share this special moment with hundreds of people who also have been proposed to on valentine’s day?

Going out for dinner

Just stay in or opt to have catering delivered at home. You can still dress up and look cute but in the comfort of your own home. We all know how difficult it can be to get a table, it will be too late for reservations unless you book them now, and if your anything like me, you know how annoying it can get when another couple decides to stare you and your man down because the both of you are looking so damn fine! We can’t help it.

Buying anything heart shaped

Unless you are truly into the cheesiness of assorted heart-shaped candy, cards, or teddy bears, please retire this trend. The tackiness of the boxes and the way that dust collects on these trinkets is truly irritating to see. There are tons of things that are not in a shape of a heart that you could buy for your partner. Be more creative.

St. Valentine’s Day as we know it to be is more than just an ordinary day for most, this is a time for lovers to come together and express love in new and for some exciting ways. Don’t be a stiffer this year and stick to the clichés, try something new!


Have any plans February 14th? Comment below and share!


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