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Summer Date Ideas for Couples

It’s that time of year when everything is heating up, the sun is up longer, and people are spending more time in shorts and sandals. It’s also the perfect time of year to change up the date night routine and fit in some really fun, unique, seasonally appropriate summer dates.

Whether you are in a committed relationship, or casually dating around, summer is made for having fun and falling in love with what feels right to you. Take some time to chill with your boo in a new and exciting atmosphere with a few of these summer date ideas for couples.

Walks through the Park

Once the humidity drops and the bug spray is on, evening walks with your significant other can be a date filled with meaningful conversations, intimate bonding time, along with a light cardio session.

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One of the things that I enjoy about nightly strolls is the openness and vulnerability that being outdoors provide. This time with your boo in the park can be used to unpeel those layers of whats hidden underneath. Did I mention that this date is completely FREE! So no need to get dressed in your finest threads or beat your face to the Gods. Enjoy quality time with one another naturally.

Don’t forget to bring a bottled water!

Local Festivals and Concerts

Here in Central PA, there are hundreds of festivals that take place all year round! July brings even more events, fairs, and festivals that are guaranteed to fill your days with epic adventures and thrills! From celebrating America’s birthday to discovering paranormal activity; there are plenty of unique, only-in-PA opportunities to experience this summer for couples.

Local concerts from up and coming artists is another cool inexpensive date idea. Many times these tickets are cheap with limited seating so you are in for an up-close and personal experience with the musician. Philly is also great for its hidden away Jazz clubs throughout the city. Trying new things has always been apart of who I am so if your leading lady lives for a little change in scenery, show her something different by visiting a few of these tucked away gems.

group of people watching band concert photo
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Unsure of what Central PA has to offer for you and your spouse? Below is a list of new lands to venture off to on the next date night:

Reggae in the Park (Philadelphia, PA)
Wine Concert (Doylestown, PA)
11th Annual Beer on the Bay (Erie, PA)
Tory Lanez: Memories Don’t Die Tour (Philadelphia, PA)
Pennsylvian Rennisance Fair (Manheim, PA)
Longs Park Summer Music Series (Lancaster, PA)
Summerfest (York, PA)

Groupon Deals

If you haven’t taken advantage of Groupon, not only are you missing out on half off pricing, but you are also missing exciting dates that you never would have thought of on your own. Groupon gives you the creativity in providing some of the hottest things to do in your city at a fraction of the cost. Have you ever wanted to go rock climbing? Kayak down the Susquehanna or ax throwing? There’s a Groupon out there for you and your boo thing!

A recent Groupon date that I had the pleasure of enjoying was glass blowing in Elizabethtown, PA. Originally a $100+ value for two, I was able to experience the art of glass blowing for less than $45 in total. Back in March, I took a tourist day trip to Philly using nothing but Groupon vouchers for two and I didn’t even break the bank.

For the ladies out there who are looking to surprise your man with a creative yet inexpensive date extravaganza, search through thousands of deals on Groupon to find the right summer date.

Romantic Road Trips

The highlight of summer whether you are boo’d up or single while mingling is taking a little trip with that special person. There’s something about the heat of summer that brings out sultry vibes and heightened sensuality that is best expressed on a 3-day road trip.

beach coast island landscape
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The key to a successful baecation is communication and effective planning. It is best to plan out the logistics of any short trip before diving head first into unexpected territory. If finances are an issue for both you and your partner, opt out of faraway places that require airfare or hotel stay. Instead, try 6-8 hour car rides that may only require a nights stay in a quiet bed and breakfast or Airbnb.

No matter the season, dating should always be fun and spicy! There’s nothing more exhilarating than learning new things about that special girl or guy in your life through meaningful conversations, changes in an environment, and creating lasting memories with one another. Casually dating or in a full-fledged relationship, use this time to reach higher levels with one another.

What are some cool summer dates that you’ve been on? Comment below and follow me on Instagram for related photos, topics, and more!


  1. I never really considered using Groupon, but I recently looked up the deals and that is a useful app when taking out your significant other. Also, I never really did a romantic road trip, maybe I need to go out more often lol. Thank you for the tips, they are very helpful!


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