5 Foods for Vaginal Wellness

Knowing what your vagina needs before your next gynecologist visit will allow you to make better decisions about your eating habits and overall sexual wellness.

With holiday parties coming to an end and New Year resolutions beginning to unfold, many women ( including myself ) have big plans to level up in 2019.

From new hairdo’s, careers, and fitness routines, to money-saving practices, and travel plans, the year of the independent woman is here, and so are our vaginas.

Oftentimes, we put so much effort into making sure that everything above the belt is up-kept, that sometimes irregular pH balances go undetected. Whether you are a busy working mom or a single ready to mingle undergrad, knowing the right foods to eat in order to keep your vagina from singing the blues is crucial for your overall wellness.

Here are 5 superfoods that every woman should include in her diet for a healthy, happy, Va-jay-jay.

Tackling UTI’s with Cranberries

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection of the urinary system, including your bladder and urethra. The most common UTIs occur mainly in women, with many having repeat infections, sometimes for years on end. 

If you experience frequent urinary tract infections, you may want to look into digesting more cranberries!

Fresh cranberries, as well as 100% cranberry juice, are full of antioxidants and acidic compounds. These compounds are powerful infection fighters that can help bacteria from attaching to the bladder which in turn causes infection.

  • Vaginal Wellness Pro-tip: Not a fan of the tart flavor of cranberries? Try mixing them in with fresh fruit, or try pure cranberry pills for easy consumption.

Apples made for Orgasms

Who doesn’t love a nice, big, juicy apple to snack on throughout the day? If you aren’t raising your hand in glee, then it is time to stock up on a batch of freshly picked apples during your next visit to the grocery store.

The saying rings true “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and apparently the orgasms coming in a recent 2014 study suggesting that women who consume one apple a day have overall better sex lives due to phytoestrogen phloridzin.

This chemical found in apples are said to promote lucrative sexual functions, arousal, and the ability to orgasm. 

  • Vaginal Wellness Pro-tip: Looking to stimulate vaginal blood flow before intercourse? Try drinking 1 glass of all natural 100% apple juice prior to sexual activity.

Decreasing vaginal dryness with Soy 

Life just got a lot more interesting with the introduction of soy-based foods in our diets.

For women suffering from decreased estrogen levels, mainly found amongst menopausal women, minimally processed soy products are hydrophilic which allows your muscles to retain water.

Soy based foods for vaginal wetness include:

  • Soybeans
  • Soy milk
  • Plant-based foods/leafy greens
  • Tofu
  • Edamame

Avocados for your Walls

Romé  wasn’t built in a day and neither was your womanly insides.

It takes time and patience to get our vaginas going and with the daily intake of avocado, you’ll be ready for another round in no time.

Said to have positive effects on a woman’s libido, avocados are rich in healthy fats, vitamin B-6, and potassium.

This libido-boosting fruit can enhance lubrication, strengthen vagina walls and estrogen levels.

  • Vaginal Wellness Pro-tip: There are 15+ ways to eat an avocado, so ditch your basic guacamole and chips, and get it cracking in the kitchen!

Preventing yeast infections

 Ever wondered how to get rid of a yeast infection without constantly taking over the counter medication? Fermented foods like plain yogurt and kimchi will do the trick.

Probiotic-rich foods balance your pH level and help fight off infections. The active cultures in these foods give our bodies a boost of good bacteria which are extremely helpful in preventing yeast infections.

  • Vaginal Wellness Pro-tip:  Calcium found in yogurt can help reduce PMS symptoms.

Knowing what your vagina needs before your next gynecologist visit will allow you to make better decisions about your eating habits and overall sexual wellness. 

The next time your lady parts are feeling down, try one of the many options above for increased sexual arousal and so much more!

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