3 Must-Have Travel Apps for Abroad Trips

What's stopping you from traveling aboard this year? With new apps being created to make travel easier, why not take advance of what technology has to offer?

Is traveling on your to-do-list this year? If not, then I definitely recommend setting time aside to see more of the world (out of the country).

Many people tend not to travel abroad due to limited finances and the tedious planning process (or so they think). However, with great apps like Skyscanner, Airbnb, and Hotel tonight, you can plan a trip in seconds, even if you are traveling extremely far!

As the New Year kicks off, here’s a few quick and easy travel apps to add to your arsenal of world-class over the Atlantic trips.

Google Translate

3 Must-Have Travel Apps to Download in 2019

Google Translate’s new update, released back in October of 2018 and has since been proven to be a traveler’s best friend.

A new feature now allows travelers to snap a photo that features text, highlight it , and then translate it into English.

The new update also allows translations of Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bengali, among others. This can be especially helpful when it comes to street signs, menus and store signs. I wish I had this app on my phone during my trip to Iceland last year.

Elk Currency Converter

Although there are many currency converters out there, a lot of competitor currency apps have bulky text and confusing exchanges that make it difficult to exchange your money in one single dinner transaction.

With elk currency converter, you type in one conversion, and you’ll get that value times ten, depending on the country you are visiting. There are also no delayed conversion bugs or flukes that will keep you from getting your monies worth on activities and meals.

At Your Gate

3 Must-Have Travel Apps for Abroad Trips

Now, this app I am excited to try!

Similar to UberEats and DoorDash , At Your Gate helps you find a meal before your flight takes off. Another cool thing about this app is that it also shows you the surrounding retail shops.

Currently available only at five U.S. airports, including JFK, Newark, and San Diego, this is an app to keep in your back pocket for future use.

3 Must-Have Travel Apps for Abroad Trips

What apps do you use when traveling aboard? Comment below and follow Amirah’Ebony on Instagram Pinterest, and Twitter

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