Who’s That Girl?

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

A recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications with a specialization in Public Relations at the University of Millersville Pennsylvania, Amirah Ebony has constantly been interested in furthering her experience in the field of Public Relations along with leadership and management training opportunities. Ebony’s goal is to achieve a successful career in agency PR work while managing client portfolios and providing the best client service experience within an organization. Amirah Ebony has been known to be a team player amongst her colleagues and friends by demonstrating leadership qualities like no other. While studying at the University of Millersville Pennsylvania, Ebony has gained worthy experience in the realm of communications and campaign creation that has since been recognized by academic professors in the field.

During her academic career, Amirah Ebony has volunteered her services to numerous organizations on campus that focused on the empowerment of women and young girls, career enhancement, philanthropy efforts and charity giving. Amongst these organizations, Ebony has held leaderships roles for Her Campus LLC, Millersville Concerned Women (MCW) and the Public Relations Student Society of America Millersville University Chapter. By participating in various campus events and student-run organizations, Ebony understands the importance of professionalism and working with others from all walks of life.

Today, Amirah Ebony currently works as a freelance content writer and marketing advisor for various non-profit organizations in  Lancaster Pa. As a freelance content writer and marketing advisor, Mikell is responsible for managing a plethora of client campaigns from branding to rewriting client content. In her spare time, Amirah Ebony currently volunteers at the Lancaster Science Factory as a mentor for the “Girls Who Code” program. Here is where Ebony continues to demonstrate her passion for women empowerment and leadership through mentorship.