This is the home page's excerpt

Welcome to my blog, sit back, relax, and enjoy some words.

We all have our vices, mine just so happens to include Pinot Grigio wine, Drake albums on repeat, and writing in my journal. As a way to combat my aggressive thoughts, feelings, and overall views of the world, I decided to create “amirahebonywrites” as a way to take my imaginary conversations with myself to the next level both personally and professionally.

Now, don’t let the above title mislead you, this is not a blog solely for women of color or anti-men hate groups. This is a creative platform for me to vent, release, recharge and reset my batteries through written expression. My witty comebacks, sometimes vulgar language, personal story times, and examples of how to find happiness throughout little life encounters are what sets me apart from the rest.  This is a free-flowing space of thoughts, opinions and creative series that all People of Color can relate to.

Join me on this journey!